October 10, 2010


Been spending too much time oggling things on Dribbble lately.
You can find my stuff on in it here: 


October 02, 2010

Cyberbrain in progress

About halfway through creating a Ghost in the Shell cyberbrain, perhaps for my first Dribbble shot.

September 17, 2010

influence map

This was damned difficult to narrow down. Practically a never ending list of artists, but likely these are the ones I come back to the most often currently.  Kubrik is still king of craft next to Miyazaki :)

September 15, 2010

ridiculous self portrait in progress

It's just too easy to pretend I'm this handsome.  Also this is before I shaved my hair, and replaced my glasses with the Robin mask that everyone wishes they had.  May finish working this up and move on to ones with more simples shapes and less comic-bookish.  So.... where I can I find one of these masks with my prescription in it?

September 12, 2010

Capsule WIP

Screencap of latest work-in-progress endeavor, icon design for something my brother and I have in the works.  Need to finish tweaking this little bastard and get on to more drawing.  This one in particular was done all in illustrator. No special photoshop tricks for me :(

September 02, 2010

Some shirts I want made

Tiny Cartridge
 The template I made for these didn't turn out half bad. Want to keep each down to two colors for inks. Now please somebody print these for me!